Sell at ReLove



The FAQs

Do you buy clothing?

Yes, we buy clothes! It’s what we love to do and what our business is built on.

No appointment necessary.


What do you buy?


We buy vintage, independent labels and covetable designer clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry for women and men. We love natural fabrics, modern classics, pieces from your far-away travels, stand-out pieces, Japanese designers, vintage denim, kimonos, vintage sweatshirts and t-shirts, well-loved favorites, modern-trend, the wacky, the muted, the minimalist and everything in between.

We are a small curated shop and we have built a stellar reputation both with our valued sellers and customers for our fair pricing and the quality of merchandise we offer. We are respectfully discerning and never want you to be offended because we chose to not purchase your items. Therefore, take a look at our online shop or our Instagram to get a sense of the kinds of items we purchase. Items must be in good clean wearable condition with no staining or strong odors of any sort.

Our inventory needs are constantly changing so feel free to give us a call at the shop (415) 800 8285 for a more detailed list of what we are currently buying. Our staff of experienced buyers will gladly offer all of the information you need for a successful selling experience. 


When do you buy?

We buy everyday! We are open for clothing buys up until one hour before close.

Store hours change seasonally so give us a call or check online for our current operating hours. While there is no limit to how many pieces you bring in at a time, do us a favor and let us know in advance via a phone call if you are bringing more than 4 large bags, just so we can plan for it.


How much will I get for my items?


We offer 35% of each item's selling price in cash or 50% in store credit if purchased OUTRIGHT and 50% of the selling price for CONSIGNMENT. Consignment is reserved for very high end or high risk items at the buyer’s discretion and sellers are paid when the items sell. We price items fair and make every effort to make our sellers and our customers satisfied in every way!

Can I leave my items with you or do I have to wait in line?

We do both Live-Buys where your items are assessed and priced on the spot and Drop-Offs.

Live-Buys are done on a first-come, first-serve basis and never guaranteed as we may be backed-up (remember we are a small team but blessed with an abundant seller base) so it is best to call in-advance the day of your visit to ensure we can accommodate you.

Drop-Offs are processed anytime we are open and a great option for those short on time and those with large amounts of items to sell. How it works is you leave your items with us and your buy is completed within 48 hours. We call you, give you a break-down of what we purchased, the price of each item and give you an option to take cash or store credit. After your buy is completed you have 3 days to pick up the remainder of your items. If you choose, we can donate what we don’t purchase to a non-profit (Free The need website) Voilà! So easy!



Still have questions? Feel free to get in touch.